Cultivating inner-peace, personal growth, and wellness in an age of science and change


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Featuring the works, books, audios, thoughts, writings, and workshops of Darrell G. Yardley, PhD, LPC (retired). 

Offering nature-based spiritual consulting that pulls from an eclectic mix of spiritual practices, the sciences, and wellness practices to cultivate inner-peace, personal growth, balance, harmony, and self-actualization (a.k.a., Jungian individuation).

On the spiritual side: religious naturalism, secular spirituality, Zen Buddhism, Indigenous spirituality (Plains Indian, Aztec), neo-shamanism, Wicca, and neo-Paganism.

Additionally, these are combined with a deep understanding of Christianity, including Old Testament, New Testament, church history, contemporary theology, and practices.

On the science side: Jungian psychology, psychobiology, evolutionary biology, neurobiology, and ecology; human anatomy and physiology; and, finally, connections to quantum physics, chaos theory, and system complexity.

And on the wellness side: the importance of diet, exercise, and variety for brain growth and health; mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology; the role of  our genes and epigenetics; and more.

Available for individual consultations, speaking, workshops, seminars, and festival events.

Coming SoonNeo-Shamanic Personal Growth and Wellness workshops via Zoom and in person. Featuring, neo-shamanic journeying, dreamwork, creative artwork, personal mythology, and wellness.


 WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self and Spirit (2000) that covers my earlier Harley riding days from the standpoint of personal experience and spiritual growth. Available through this site– and I’ll even autograph it!

My 2020 book, The Guru on the Mountain: Chiggers, Lizards and Desert Heat: My Vision Quest to Discover the Source of Spirit, is a spiritual adventure about a Native American Vision Quest I did a number of years ago and is grounded in the scientific underpinnings of our search for the spiritual. It is available now on

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