Audios by Darrell G. Yardley

Note: these audio files are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Please honor that and do not share downloads with others. They can get their own copies here. It took me many hours of work to produce these. Thank. you.

All audios are $9.99 on PayPal, except the Power Place audio, which is FREE! After paying, you will be given the file link to download.

If not satisfied, let me know, and I’ll refund your money.


Basic Relaxation–a guided meditation. 10 mins 

Body Scan–A great technique that covers relaxing the whole body. Good for stress, relaxation, and pain. 40 mins

Drumming Relaxation–this audio uses the basic drumming as a relaxation tool. It is minus the call-back segment at the end. 22 mins

Neo-Shamanic Journeying Series

Some more Notes:

1). All journeying audios have three drumming rhythms: the primary rhythm that helps induce alpha brain wavelengths, a transition rhythm of four long, slower beats that tells you the return drumminn is coming, then the rapid return-drumming sequence for you to come back to this reality.

2.) Download the FREE Power Place (below) audio first and try it before you use the others.

3.) WAIVER: Be forewarned part of what you are doing here is dipping into your subconscious. If you have some serious unresolved issues, they may bubble up. The subconscious, Jung’s Personal Unconscious, is where they hide. In all my years of doing this and with hundreds of people, I’ve only had this happen once. Still, use at your own risk and assuming all responsibility. It is, afterall, your own stuff and a great opportunity to deal with it.

If issues arise, make your anchor and go to your Power Place (below). From there you can come back into the present. If an issue arises and you feel it is urgent, you can call/txt me at (864) 508-0781, but only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, set up an appointment for a consultation by emailing, If it is an emergency, go to your nearest emergency room. (Haven’t had this happen,)  If it is after 9:00pm ET when you call, it will go to my voicemail.  You will need to call back again within 3 mins to get through. Please only do this as a last resort.

To use these audios denotes that you understand this risk and are assuming all responsibility for them.

4.) Warning: When you are journeying, especially in the Lower World, be careful about touching the plants and animals there. Things are not always what they seem there. It is a magical place. Trust your intuition and feelings before touching.(

Journey to Power Place with Anchor (FREE)– This is your Safe Place where you control what is present. You can exclude any entities you don’t want there. In your Power Place (PP) you are the one with the Power. In addition to being a safe place you can go to quickly using your anchor. You will establish your anchor on your first journey here by touching the tips of your index and thumb together on one of your hands. After that, you won’t even need the drumming to go to or touch your PP. You can go to your PP any time by making your anchor, even while doing other things. When doing other things, e.g. having a conversation with someone, you can make your anchor and part of you can touch your PP, bringing you some of its calm and relaxation. And, the more you use it, the more powerful it will become for you! What you are doing here is creating a shortcut with your anchor to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, the one that releases neurotransmitters that help to relax and calm you. Enjoy and use! Coming soon!


Basic Journey Drumming . I.–For many journeys, this short version may be sufficient. There are no instructions, just drumming: the journey drumming, a transition, then the call back drumming.  12 mins

Basic Journey Drumming. II.–Longer version of the above for the longer journeys you may want to take.  30 mins.

Power Animal— Our Power Animal is one of our primary spirit guides. Meet yours and learn a little on how to use it.

Teacher— This is the wise Old Man or Old Woman Jungian archetype/spirit guide, and stands for Wisdom and whose credo is “Be open to outcome.” 34 mins

Hypno-Journeying— A powerful way of journeying that combines guided relaxation with shamanic drumming. 29 mins.

Journey to Lower World–Ancient Indigenous  cultures for the most part believed that there were three worlds: the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World. In this audio you have an opportunity to journey to the Lower World, which I find the most interesting. See warnings above though. Here you are potentially journeying into your Personal Subconscious. 

Coming soon.