A Covid Urban Hermit

For decades I had fantasies about becoming a desert hermit, which I describe below. At this point in my life, age 72 at this writing, I still haven’t made the desert part, and not so sure now I still want to, but thanks especially to the covid pandemic, I find myself a “covid urban hermit.”

I live in a small South Carolina town, Liberty, with my adult children and their families nearby. The small town means I can walk or bicycle in a mile radius around me and get to a major grocery store, my daughter’s pharmacy, a hardware store, an auto parts store, several restaurants, one of which is pretty good. All I’me really lacking is a craft beer store, for which I have to drive about 8-13 miles (or bicycle), depending on which one I want to go to. Most of the time I can take its backstreets to where ever I am going, but then it only has to “busier” streets, which by big city standards, is still low traffic. More on all of this on my Buddha on a Bike page. I want to start with some relevant aspects of my personality, then move on to my desert hermit fantasy.


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