Backyard Chickens

This is my newest self-sufficiency project: six chick hens, four of which are Rhode Island Reds and two Barred Rocks (for a little variety). It will be 6 months though before I start getting eggs from them.

Baby Backyard Chicks

They will be housed in a chicken tractor for moving around in the garden and backyard. Here is where I go† to this weekend: the frame of the chicken tractor–

Here is approximately where I will end up with it:

Chicken Tractor

Back on our farm I had 40-50 hens at one time; one large chicken tractor that I moved around in the pasture with the tractor, and another smaller one in the garden area, which we moved around the garden beds. Chicken manure and bedding with chicken manure is great fertilizer, and, it is basic so we didn’t have to add lime to our acidic South Carolina soil to get a more neutral pH.

I’m back in business now, just on a smaller scale, and just for my own home use.

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  1. Sandy

    How awesome!

  2. Tricia

    I simply loved to accompany you to pick up the chicks last week. Just another adventure with you đź’™

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