Bicycle Tour 2022 Update

  • Departure: 4/2/22
  • Route: Southern Tier of Adventure Cycling from Tempe, AZ to New Orleans, LA
  • 1,870 miles
  • 48 days

I have been focusing the last couple of weeks on taking some continuing education hours for my LPC. I’ve decided to reopen my counseling practice part time, but want to take 46 CEU hours before I do so that I will be HIPAA compliant. Plus, there are several other “ducks” I want to get in a row before I reopen. I am excited about the new direction I am planning on taking in the practice, as it ties into bicycling, climate change, several of my other interests, and my two books. More on this in a later post.

Part of my dilemma in this regard was, do I reopen in March, then turn around, leave my clients hanging, which is a professional no-no, or wait till I get back from the trip and open in June? After taking my first HIPAA compliance course, I found it would be very difficult to conduct counseling sessions while on the road. So to open in March, I would need to cancel my tour. I’ve decided to wait reopening in June when I return from the tour is probably the wiser choice.

Even then, the tour is still very much in the planning and replanning phase. A copy of my proposed agenda is included below. However, my original traveling companion has had to pull out due to a chronic medical issue. Meanwhile, I took out an ad in Adventure Cycling for a replacement companion. I have two inquiries so far, both from men my age. I was not gender specific in my ad, but preferred someone closer to my age so that I wouldn’t get left in the dust by some youngster.

Here is my plan as it stands:

004/02/2022Tempe, AZ0
104/03/2022Usery Mountains Regional Park26
204/04/2022Sunflower, AZ on Sycamore Ck (USFS) 36.2 miles36Dispersed camping
304/05/2022Pumpkin Center Lodge32All sevices
404/06/2022Globe51All sevices
504/07/2022Bylas43.8Apache Gold Hotel
604/08/2022Safford34All sevices
704/09/2022Dunkin40All sevices
804/10/2022Lordsburg NM36All sevices
904/11/2022Silver City NM48All sevices
1004/12/2022Kingston49Kingston Campground and Motel
1104/13/2022Hatch47DeSale Inn & Event Center
1204/14/2022Las Cruces38All sevices
1304/15/2022El Paso, TX49All sevices
1404/16/2022Faben30All sevices
1604/18/2022Sierra Blanca (20) or Van Horn (59)20All sevices
1704/19/2022Van Horn39All sevices
1804/20/2022Valentine39Vallentine RV Park, (361) 648-9281, Smokey Perez
1904/21/2022Alpine26All sevices
2104/23/2022Sanderson54All sevices
2204/24/2022Langtry61Wagon Wheel, Jesse owner, 432(?)-271-1074 or (431) 900-2248
2304/25/2022Comstock28.5All sevices
2404/26/2022Del Rio32All sevices
2504/27/2022Brackettville30all sevices
2604/28/2022Camp Wood48all sevices
2704/29/2022Vanderpool37Campgound and Motel
2804/30/2022Ingram51all sevices
2905/01/2022Johnson City40.5all sevices
3005/02/2022Austin**47.7Gary and Julie Stillwell’s ?
3205/04/2022Bastrop/ Alt Cedar Creek (30 mi)55.5All services
3305/05/2022La Grange32All services
3405/06/2022Burton36All service 10 miles at Carmin off route = 26+10
3505/07/2022Navasota44All services; milage is from Carmin that morning
3605/08/2022New Waverly42All sevices
3705/09/2022Shepard33All services
3805/10/2022Kountze49All services, Big Thicket
3905/11/2022Kirbyville40All services
4005/12/2022DeRidder, La42All sevices
4105/13/2022Oberlin37All services
4205/14/2022Villa Platte35All services
4405/16/2022New Roads34All services; cut off for New Orleans
4505/17/2022Baton Rouge36All services
4705/19/2022Laplace32All services
4805/20/2022New Orleans36ALL SERVICES! Das Ende

Locations are taken from the Adventure Cycling maps. “All services” means that these stops have a full range of services. To find some of these stops/camping sites took some Googling, a telephone calls, and creative thinking. Luckily, there are only five 50-mile days (one is actually 49 miles). I have yet to do a fifty mile day. 32 is as far as I’ve gone. Hopefully, between now and April 2, I will get a few in. Winter weather is not very amenable, however.

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  1. Nelda Priddy

    I can’t believe that you are undertaking such a vast experience. I hope everything goes well for you!

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