Licensed Professional Counselor and Professor Emeritus of Zoology, Clemson University

Darrell G. Yardley, MEd, PhD, LPC, health educator, author, licensed professional counselor (SC #2548), and life coach, is Professor Emeritus of Zoology at Clemson University. He has specialties in psychobiology (mind-body-Nature interconnections), mindfulness, clinical sexology), advanced clinical hypnotherapy, equine-assisted counseling, and more.

His first master’s (MA) and PhD were in evolutionary genetics from the University of Texas (Austin) and the University of Georgia (Athens), respectively. Later specialties included psychobiology for which he lectured and presented workshops for mental health counselors, social workers, nurses, and massage therapists, and published two Psychobiology of Healing manuals. (See curriculum vitae.) His second master’s (MEd from Clemson University) is in counseling.

As father of three adult children, grandfather of five, great grandfather of one, college professor, and mental health therapist for adults and teens, he has decades of experience in helping guide teens, parents, adults, and seniors.

In addition to his book WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self, and Spirit (available through his website at, he has published over 75 articles, manuals, and papers in biology, sociology, spirituality, and counseling. (See curriculum vitae.) His latest book, The Guru on the Mountain: Chiggers, Lizards & Desert Heat: My Vision Quest to Discover the Source of Spirit is available on