Buddha Bike Update–1 month

July 2, I’ve been at this a full month now, from June 2. So, how is it going?–This biking it with no car or truck?

No problems so far. However, next week I will need to use my son Chris’ truck to haul off recycling, swing by the feed store for chicken and dog food, and by his house to pick up my Troy-Bilt tiller. I have places in the garden I want to plant with a second crop since the early spring stuff has come and gone. This adventure would be much more challenging without access to his truck for which I am very thankful.

One of the interesting things I have noticed (among the many) is that I no longer want to go for a bike ride just to go for a bike ride. Now that it is my only source of transportation, a lot of the motivation to just go riding around the countryside has gone. I have to remind myself, however, about how a bike ride can really help my mood. In all the transitions I’m going through right now, I’ve been in a funk off and on. Sort of floating in a psychic Doldrums as things work themselves out. Going for a ride helps lift me out of those funks. Even a short one to the grocery store has a positive affect. Of course, taking the dogs for a walk or going out and working in the garden also help. As does a visit down the street to my two-year old granddaughter, even when she’s in a fussy mood.