This is the working title of one of two of my new book project now that Guru on the Mountain is finished and published. As envisioned, with my other two books, WindWalker and Guru, it will be organized around my “adventures.” In this case, as I transition to a bicycling lifestyle, sans truck or car. There will be sections on cultivating serenity, solitude, simplicity, self-sufficiency, and eco-centricity. Many of these ideas are presented in various posts I have made.

As the title implies, the spiritual core of the book lies in basic Zen Buddhist principles and addresses our relationship with Nature. If we are to survive as a species and planet, a inclusive eco-centric perspective and actions will be required. Zen Buddhism teaches about suffering, impermanence, attachment, and higher states of consciousness. Eco-centricity is a higher state of consciousness where we learn to view the world, our lives, and others from their perspective, fostering cooperation, compassion, and loving-kindness. If we are going to survive and thrive in our polluted, over populated, COVID , changing world, we are each going to need to make changes in the way we exist and see the world.