Spiritual Adventures: LSD

Alice WonderlandThis weekend I did my first experiment with LSD as a spiritual journey. Probably one of two I plan on doing. It was more of a ‘calibration’ run. Turned out to be enough to know I was ‘trippin’, but not enough for psychedelic fireworks. Having missed all the psychedelics of the 1960-’70’s, I decided to try these at this last, liberated stage of my life. Below, you can read a poem I penned on Sunday morning afterwards. So, how did it go?

I actually started the experiment several days before by doing a shamanic journey to my Power Place in the Lower World and meeting with my spiritual guides of the Four Directions– Wizard (North), my eagle, WindWalker (East), Turquoise Woman (South), and Cougar/Mountain Lion (West)– to consult with them about doing the experiment in general. You know, “Hey, guys, is this a good idea? Can you give me some advice of insights?”

Spirit Guides (a.k.a. Jungian archetypes) communicate through dream imagery (usually), and, so, like dreams, you are left with interpreting the messages. These messages can have multiple levels of meaning. Consequently, interpreting is not always straightforward. Intuition is required.

Wizard’s message was about taking precautions, as I had done. I got no warning emotions or anxiety. More like, a ‘go.’  This was my first use, and I was doing it solo. However, I had sufficient backups close at hand if things got a little out of hand. Like the rest of us, I have read and heard of bad shit about bad trips. However, I’m coming from a well grounded, mentally balanced place, so felt reasonably comfortable. You never know though.

I asked WindWalker, my eagle of the east, for truth without judgement or blame in my journey. I asked Cougar for courage. (Yes, I was nervous about trying this experiment.) Then there was Turquoise Woman, my anema and goddess, Mother Nature personified. Turquoise Woman’s answer was a mischievous, inviting smile to come dance with her. Bandido, part of my Shadow complex and alter ego, showed up too. His message also was, ‘go for it!”


On the big day, Friday, I started my experiment by smudging all four rooms of my small house with sage and telling any negative energy to depart. Then asking in the four directions for guidance. At 9:22am, I took a tab. When I felt the acid start to kick in after about an hour, I did a shamanic journey back to the Lower World and my Power Place to dance with Turquoise Woman, per her request. What can I say, ‘dance’ was a metaphor. It was intimate, erotic, and loving. From there (afterwards), I was pretty much on my own.

I kept a journal, tracking time and how/what I was doing/thinking/feeling. Writing became more and more difficult, as did logical, linear thought. There were slight visual distortions, and I found myself captivated watching the flames in the wood burning stove, the leaves blowing outside on the pecan tree by my window, the birds and squirrels scampering around. Wasn’t hungry. Just sitting there watching/experiencing things happen. By 6:00pm I was bored with the experience. But, hey, it is not like you can get off the train. You have to wait till you get to where the trains going. After dark, I decided to go lie down in my bed in the darkness. That’s when I found myself chasing random thoughts down rabbit holes. After a while, I’d stop and ask myself, why are you following these thoughts? I’d focus mindfully on my breath and come back into the Now and present. That went on for several hours (I think). There were no great spiritual insights or experiences this trip. It was overall mellow. I was disappointed. The next morning and midway through the day, i.e. over 24 hrs, I could feel the effects, but they were minimal. Here’s where the scientist part of me comes into play–

For it to be ‘science,’ an experiment needs to be replicated, making adjustments and corrections where needed. I’m going to wait a month or so I’m thinking, but next time double the dosage. Then, I think that’s going to be all of this type of adventure I will want to do. Well, maybe.

Below is a poem I penned Sunday morning when I was completely down from the acid. It’s been edited some. Enjoy.


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