Cookin’ Chili

Sunday felt like a chili cooking day. Here is one of my favorites, comes from Robb Walsh’s Chili Cookbook:

It’s El Real’s Chili Con Carne (on page 87). Starts out with frying up 8 oz of bacon and chopping it up. Then you brown your ground chuck (or beef) in the dripping’s oil, followed by your onions. Never mind the cholesterol. Even make my own chili powered from my garden chilis (p 11). Ground my own chuck roast using a new grinder attachement for my Kitchen Aid mixer. That was the cat’s meow, I’m telling you. Ground it into chili grind size in nickity-split. May start grinding my own sausage now it was so easy. Already make my own Chorizo sausage from ground pork from the store, but this way I can control the amount of fat in it.

Anyway, this is not gringo chili. It’ll put hair on your chest, so to speak. Want to cut back on the cumin a little next time though. Forgot this from the last batch I cooked last winter. You know, short-term memory is the first to go…. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah,

Also, cooked some pinto beans to go with it, AND a skillet of stone ground corn bread, also from Walsh (p 185). Great meal!! Wish you had been here to help me enjoy it.

Next up on my chili cooking: green chili using Hatch’s green chilis. Have to wait till I finish this batch though.