Day 2: Fort Hancock

Made it to FH today. Only 25 miles—and with a nice tailwind. 10.2 mph average. A new record for me. Unfortunately, my saddle is rubbing a sore on my ass in one spot. I’ll have to add extra padding tomorrow and for the next several days until it heals.

All was well and I was tooling on down the highway. Then, at 11 miles from FH, the nice shoulder I had been riding on, disappeared! At the same time, the traffic came way up, and mostly big trucks. Now it was just a little two lane road, and I had no place to go. Those last 11 miles were tense to say the least!

The mountains southwest of me. I’m assuming in Mexico and across Rio Grande.

My hotel lodging for the night was the Fort Hancock Motel. Not ****, but it will do.

Fort Hancock Motel (the only one in town)

My ridding partner, Keith Tang, showed up around 2:00pm. A seasoned bicycle tourer, I’ve already learned several things I can do that will help from him, including how to modify my saddle so it doesn’t rub my ass like it’s doing. Unfortunately, the modification will have to wait till I get back home. So, it is still extra padding for that sore spot.

He want to do Sierra Blanca tomorrow, some 30 miles with a thousand foot mountain climb, to get to it. I am really concerned about being able to do it. I’m carrying more weight on my bike than I’ve ever done, and getting it and me up that mountain looks really intimidating! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Sandy

    Love the daily updates..keep them coming!

  2. Sandy

    Awesome day for you!Love the daily updates..keep them coming!

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