Welcome to our podcast series, Desert Dharma: Journey into Solitude, Silence, Simplicity, Serenity, Science & Eco-Synergy, featuring, Dharma Doc, aka, Darrell G Yardley. This series focuses on personal and spiritual growth and their underlying science, where spirituality is defined as inner peace combined with personal growth.

Dharma is a Buddhist word meaning, Ultimate Truth, and points to Buddhism’s fundamental premise that everything has cause–and effect–and everything changes, i.e., is impermanent. Why Desert? Because the desert is a place that solitude, silence, simplicity, serenity & nature exists at their primal, most basic levels.

The Guru on the Mountain: Chiggers, Lizards & Desert Heat: My Vision Quest to Discover the Source of Spirit. In this two-part series, I will be reading the Prologue (~7 mins) and the first chapter (xx mins) of my latest book, published in 2020. link

WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self, and Spirit. (2000). In this podcast I will be reading the first chapter. These are wrapped around journeys on my Harley. On a trip out to far West Texas and the Chihuahuan Desert and Big Bend National Park, in this first book I introduce my Shadow, Bandido, and Lajitas Lizard, who play important roles in the Guru book (above), some 20 years later. To get an autographed copy of this book, you’ll have to visit my website here. You can find used copies on Amazon.com by other sellers, but no autograph.

Medicine Wheels, Vision Quests, and Archetypes: In this three-part series I discuss from a more personal and narrative perspective, the experiences of my Native American (Plains Indian) vision quest written about in the Guru (above) book and give some scientific background on Jungian archetypes. I will introduce and talk about my personal archetypes that were part of that adventure.