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Garden 2020

This is my “pickin’s” from this morning. Nearly a gallon of green beans. These from my pole beans mainly. The bush beans are on the decline at this point. This year I planted my usual: green beans, corn, okra, tomatoes, chili and green bell peppers, summer squash, cantaloupe, watermellon, egg plants, and misc.

Here is shot of my 40′ by 28′ garden. In the far righthand, back corner, you can see the tops of my 5′ x 10′ asparagus bed. From this little garden, I am able to freeze and can beans, corn, chili and bell peppers–and lots of Roma tomato sauce–for cooking throughout the non-growing months. I just got through canning 8 pints of green beans and 7 pints of sauerkraut. I’m a big Tex-Mex and chili fan, so I use lots of chilis.