Meeting Your Personal Archetypes

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Would you like to meet and learn how to work with your very own, personal archetypes?

In my Guru book, I write about consulting with my personal archetypes. We each have our own version of the archetypes. As discussed in Guru, archetypes, as argued by Carl Jung, are a species-based trait. They are part of our DNA, and I go into some detail on their underlying neurobiology. I describe very briefly how I meet with and consult with my various archetypes. What I don’t go into is how I got to the point where I could do that.

Archetypes have two components: the species-based/DNA one, and our own individual, specific component. That individual component draws from our own specific life experiences and the challenges we meet.

Archetypes are problem solvers. We have them as a species because they helped us to solve specific problems of survival and reproduction, the two evolutionary imperatives. They are closely linked to our emotional neurocircuits (SEEKING, RAGE, FEAR, PANIC, PLAY, LUST, and CARE, see McGowen)

While archetypes often come to us in our dreams, presenting themselves usually as vague thoughts, feelings, and images, these are often not very concrete. Their image changes in each dream. Plus, very few of us can go to sleep at night saying to ourselves, I want to talk with my Teacher archetype, for example. I know I can’t, and I’ve tried. What is needed is a more intentional way of meeting and consulting with our archetypes.

I am in the process of putting a program to do just that. If you are interested, or think that you might be, signup for my blog, and send me a comment that you are interested. I’ll add you to my notification list for when the program is available. Thanks

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