7/8/20 Distance ~12 mi; weather–70°, air quality 7 (green)

Comments: I could tell I had done the 20-miler on Mon, the hills today were harder. Tried a different route today but it was a long, slow, uphill climb vs the intense but much shorter way I normally go. Don’t know which is worse. Plus, on the safety-dicey Hwy 93, I was headed into the rising sun, meaning drivers coming up behind me might not be as able to see me because of the sun blindness, despite my flashing tail lights. As it happened, clouds blocked the sun for that two-mile leg. So, I arrived home well and alive again.


Distance ~20 mi; weather–72°, air quality 6 (green)

Comments: I was feeling the ride by the time I got back! This was my first early morning ride. Left out about 6:10a.m., before sunrise. I was nervous about riding this time of day because of the visibility. Both dawn and dusk are dangerous times on a bike, with dusk being worse due to the setting sun. However, I really liked it! A bonus was that I ran into another bicyclist as I was leaving town (Liberty,SC). Another crazy fool out riding a bicycle at dawn, I thought. I turned around and went back to the gas station where his bike was parked. He came out just as I pulled up.

As it turned out he was my age! Cool. So, not just another crazy fool, but a crazy old geezer like me! He had his bike all decked out in lights. I got some good ideas on different ways to mount the headlights from our ensuing discussion. I was riding headlight-less this first ride as the headlight I had for my Felt road bike would’t accommodate the larger diameter roadbike’s (REI A1.1.) handlebar. So, before my next morning ride, I now know how I’m going to mount the headlight: on the front fork, not the handlebar. And, I’m going to get another one for the other fork. He had three headlights mounted, one on each front fork, both taped on with black electricians tape, and a regular handlebar one that fit his road bike. This was his regular riding time. He lived a few miles on the other side of Liberty and left in the dark, he said. Almost hit a deer once with just the handlebar light, so he mounted the other two.

I’m inspired! I can see how mornings in the hot summer time are going to be my favorite riding times: 5-6:00a.m. till around 9-10:00 usually these days. I’m an early riser anyway, but will need to miss my morning coffee in order to be on the road at 5:00 or so. A boo.