My Downsizing Yard Sale

Yard Sale

My downsizing, decluttering, simplifying yard sale is part of my way to help fund my 2022 bike tour. Had the Sale this last Saturday. That’s two days ago now as I’m writing this post. The Sale was helpful, did raise $407, did get rid of a lot of stuff that I no longer wanted or needed, but involved a lot of time, energy, and stress: the getting ready for it, going through all my things in the house, shop, sheds, etc., and planning that went into it, and the actual having it. All total from the downsizing process and sales of some big items on FB, I have raised over $700 of the $8,000 I’ve estimated the tour will cost. A ways to go yet.

I had a lot of help for the Sale from my daughters, Elian Tyson and Amy Sargent; grandson, Brandon, and his fiance’, Meredith. Brandon stayed with me the whole time. Oh, yeah, let me not forget my youngest granddaughter, Ellie Kate (2 1/2) who quietly played while her mother, Amy, helped get things set up; and the general manager and overseer, Outlaw, my new cat that kept a check on everything, greeted visitors (sometimes), and was generally available for petting. Elian was incredibly helpful and guided my on marketing, both social media and took care of getting signs made.

Brandon was not only there to help set up on Sale day, he and Meredith came over the night before and moved the heavier stuff from upstairs. Then he was there through the whole sale. We closed the sale up at noon and he helped me sort and put things away. I took him out for a late lunch. During our lunch chatting he told me that he couldn’t wait to get older like me and be able to the “crazy things” his grandfather did (that be me). I assume he is talking about Harley adventures, the Native American stuff, solo trips to places like Big Bend National Park, and now my upcoming bicycle tour adventure. I laughed, quiet touched, and told him 1) he didn’t have to wait till he was my age to do crazy things, but that 2) right now he was doing exactly what he needed to be doing at this time in his life. He is an A student in engineering at Clemson University. I believe he is in his third year now. And, I really like Meredith. She’s an A biochemistry major. She and I have a lot of interesting conversations about biology and biochemistry.

I am so very glan this Sale is over with!! What a lot of work and hassel! Saturday night after the Sale, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. In recovery and decompressing I guess. Now I to turn my attention to renovations and converting the upstairs office suite into an apartment. I plan to have this available by January 1. After that, i get to turn my full attention to getting ready for and planning my bicycle tour next September. In the meantime, I still am doing gardening, canning, and haven’t finished getting firewood for this coming winter. Busy, I am.