Quantum Connection: Spirits


Today’s post is appropriate for upcoming Samhain, Halloween, All-Saints Day…

A recent article in the New York Times (NYT) on holographic properties of Black Holes and our current, curious understanding about Black Holes and Quantum Mechanics (BH/QM), caught my attention, posing a hypothesis in my mind as I read it: “Is there a connection between BH/QM and the worldview described by indigenous shamans, Zen Buddhism, and New Age Wicca and neo-Pagans?” Before you throw me and the bathwater out the window here, I want to lay down some of my thinking and questions on this. Mind you, it is just an idea I’ve been playing with for a while and still pondering. My intuition hints that there is a connection. As Alice said in Wonderland,”Curiouser and curiouser!” I will only write a small portion of it in today’s post.

My intuition tells me that what these ancient spiritual types were doing, and what we can still do today, involves somehow ‘tapping into’ the quantum level.  It would explain a lot of the “curious” things I’ve seen and experienced, as well as those described by mystics through the ages: including spirits, past lives, distance and faith healing, etc. Us modern-day humans can also do some of these, at least some of us can. These abilities are in our genes. Let me start out with one of my “Curiousers.” This one today just on spirits. The key here is at the quantum level, both information and energy are not lost, and that black holes can be understood as holographs. It would take a lot longer to explain this than I want to take here. I set the NYT link above so that you can go and read it.

Above is a photo I made back in 1999 on a Native American Vision Quest outside of Albuquerque, NM, in the Sandia Mts. The Muskogee medicine man, Ari Maayan, deceased now, was doing the vision quest for me.Ari Maayan, Muskogee Medicine Man I had been stacking firewood and carrying it out to the sweat lodge. I would be doing a sweat lodge ceremony to begin my quest, spending my first night in it, then he would escort me down into the arroyo below it the next day to spend the second night there.

Sweat Lodge to begin my vision quest

I had just finished bringing wood out to the sweat lodge when I glanced across the arroyo. There standing on the adjacent, proximal peak were a group of Native Americans in their Indian dress. They appeared to be just standing there watching me. There were maybe 12 of them, men, women, and children. I grabbed my camera and took the picture you see above. After I had been staring at them a few moments, Ari came up to me. Looking over at them, I asked him, “Who are they?” Ari answered that he didn’t know for sure but figured they were Anasazi that had gone up there in a last defense and were killed there. He went on to say that they were curious as to what I was doing. (I published part of this account, sans pictures, in my book WindWalker in the Afterwards.) The bright white light line you can see in the center of the photo above was where the Anasazi were standing. Curious, no? The fact that Ari could see them too, corroborated my vision. I could tell that they weren’t real people like you and me, but they were there.

Now, from reading and thinking more about the NYT’s article, I am thinking such ‘spirits’ are really more like holograms. They can move around a little but are basically anchored to where they are or were in spacetime. Actually, the universe, including us and everything in it, is a hologram with our information preserserved on the analogous photographic plate background of spacetime. Like the spirits Ari and saw, such spirits were generated when the underwent death and trauma, their extreme emotional energy acting like a laser photographic them on that local spacetime.You can read more about the underlying quantum science at the “read more” demarcation line below.

Such would apply to some of the other ‘spirits’ I’ve seen on our farm in SC and elsewhere. There was a small family of three Native Americans, I assume Cherokee, near a small stream on the back of the farm. They were bound to that spot, but would appear to watch me when I came down to sit by the stream.

Then there was the Barn Spirit. In the barn there was a very unpleasant “Barn Spirit,” as we called it. The kids and my eldest granddaughter and grandson could feel him too. You couldn’t see him, just feel this hostile presence wanting you to leave. I could get a visual image on him in a shamanic alternate state of consciousness, but you could damn well feel him, especially at night. He didn’t like anyone being in the barn, especially upstairs where he tended to stay. Although he did visit my granddaughter one morning. She awoke with him sitting on the foot of her bed and told him to go away. He did. (She has some of my abilities.) I barred him from coming up to the house after that. From what I know about the history of that old barn, a horse was abandoned in there and died of dehydration/starvation. Could it be that horses spirit? It really didn’t feel like ‘horse’ to me, but it was definitely hostile. I finally built it a house for it out of barn siding, blessed it with sage smoke, and invited him to live there where he wouldn’t be disturbed so much with people coming into the barn.  It still sits in the barn with a ‘Do Not Disturb” sign on it. I visited him the other day, some 12 years later, and, yep, he’s still there but stays in his house.

Then there is Eartha, that was the name I gave her. She is what would be called an earth or nature spirit. When I was having a septic system put in for the office on the farm, converting an old chicken house to an office, I had a septic system put in so that I could have a restroom out there for myself and clients. When they were digging the trenches for the lateral lines, I suddenly heard a blood-curdling scream. My wife heard it too. The men digging didn’t appear to have heard a thing and continued working. I did a shamanic journey that evening to investigate. What I found was a very unhappy earth spirit. Their digging had destroyed her home. I apologized to her and told her I would build her a new home the next day. This was a simple matter. I made a small cairn of stones that they had dug up, blessed it with sage, and invited her to live there. Haven’t heard anything from her since, so I am assuming she’s okay with it. My BH/QM hypothesis doesn’t explain such nature spirits, at least not yet. Except to say that quantum theory, a.k.a., string theory, posits many more dimensions than the four us humans can see. Such earth/nature spirits could perhaps involve additional dimensionality? At any rate, Nature is, I think, much more Curiouser than most of us think. Alice was right.

You can read about my interpretation of the underlying science and the possible connection on my post, Quantum Connection: the Science.