Secular Spirituality is spirituality that doesn’t involve a God or religion. It is a nature-based spirituality. Spirituality does not require some supreme being out there, watching over us and giving us our blessings. Based in non-theistic religious naturalism, spirituality is about cultivating inner-peace, personal growth, and, if you are lucky, enlightenment. Religious naturalism really isn’t a religion per se. It posits that nature is all there is. There is nothing beyond nature. For example, you can be thankful for your blessings without needing some big guy (or gal) in the sky to be thankful to. You can read more about Secular Spirituality in my blog post here. My spirituality is grounded in science and, primarily, Zen Buddhism—with a dash of Native American spirituality thrown in for flavor. That is just my path. What is yours?

In Secular Spirituality Life Coaching, I will work with you to find and walk your own path. I bring to the table not only a lot of  additionally a lot of science. And it is not just ‘book-learning’. We are talking about hands-on, living-it experience. Zen, Native American, and science.

Additionally, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of Christianity. Born and raised in the ‘hell-fire and damnation’ Texas Bible Belt, and 32 years as an active Episcopalian. I have a year of study each in the New Testament, Old Testament, Church History, and Contemporary Theology in Master’s level coursework, plus works by Barabara Armstrong, Matthew Fox, Paul Tillich, and numerous others.

Most of my coaching services are via phone or Internet (e.g, Zoom).

To schedule a free 15-minutes, introductory phone/Zoom interview, text me at (864) 508-0781. Add, ‘Spirituality’ at the start and be sure to include your name. We will set up a time to get together.

Regular session fees are $50 for a half-hour (30 min MOL) session and $100 for an hour (60 min MOL) session. These prices can change. Clicking on the links will allow you to make the payment through PayPal. Charges will show as to Mustang Medicine Works, LLC, my company. Thanks.


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