Offering a shamanic approach for life coaching.

A wide range of offerings can be part of this type of coaching, depending on what you need or want. Some of these may involve me doing shamanic journeys to the ‘spirit’ world, for example, to seek information or for soul fragment retrieval. I have journeyed into clients’ past-lives or futures. Or, these sessions may involve me guiding you through shamanic journeys, for example, to find your own spirit guides, power animal, or power place. (Also available to this latter, I have MP3 audios available for these. Go to my Audio page to read about these.)

Most of my coaching services are via phone or Internet (Zoom).

To schedule a free 15-minutes, introductory phone/Zoom interview, text me at (864) 508-0781. Add, ‘Senior Sex’ at the start and be sure to include your name. We will set up a time to get together.

At this time, my fees are $50 for a half-hour (30 min MOL) session and $100 for an hour (60 min MOL) session. These prices can change at any time. Clicking on the links will allow you to make the payment through PayPal. Charges will show as to Mustang Medicine Works, LLC, my company. Thanks.

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