Sunday 7/25/20 ride

Sunday was a great morning for a bicycle ride! The air quality, heat, and humidity have been so bad last week, that I only got in the Sunday ride for the week. (I’m trying to get in at least two long rides each week.) Sunday, 26.6 miles, my longest yet, in about 3 hrs of riding time. I pedaled into Clemson and back. I was one tired puppy when I got home. Took me several hours to recover. Going up the hills and on the way back I kept asking myself as I have many times, “Self, why are you doing this?” and, especially going up the hills, “Are we having fun yet?” Questions I have asked myself many times when doing such things as Native American sweat lodges and vision quests, and Zen sesshins (intense meditation retreats). Which leads to the adjoining post.

In Clemson, stopped by Moe’s Coffee to get a mocha latte and breakfast burrito.