Texas Bike Tour: Days 4 and 5

Van Horn and Valentine

Van Horne, 31 miles. Valentine, 38 miles. Both better riding days and rides. Paced myself better, hydrated more, and ate more calories. We had tailwinds both days, and they had a lot of downhills, thankfully. I was still tired before arriving at my destination, however. Ate some great Tex-Mex in Van Horn, More Mex than Tex.

Todays ride into Valentine was my longest and the last several miles were slightly uphill. I could feel the difference even with the nice tailwind. Keith said he didn’t even notice. My average speed dropped to 7-8 mph from 10-11 mph. I had to take more breaks those miles. What’s ahead?

A 35 mi ride tomorrow into Marfa, then a 25 mi ride into Alpine. Short rides. Followed by a 35 mi ride to Marathon. From there, three testosterone days of 60 mile rides: Marathon to Sanderson, Sanderson to Langtry, and finally, Langtry into Del Rio. I have never done those long of rides, but they are mainly downhill. Unfortunately, with slight headwinds on two of them predicted.

I have decided to stop my tour in Del Rio and take Amtrak to New Orleans, spend a couple of days there, then take Amtrak back to South Carolina and home. The New Orlean’s stop over is a great way to end this adventure.

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  1. Sandy

    Awesome ride!!!

  2. Sandy

    Awesome day of riding!!

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