The Bike Tour Begins

Day 1

Here I am ready to head out this morning from my motel in El Paso…

Got in late Saturday night. Used Sunday to rest up from my airline travel trauma, reassemble my bike, and buy supplies. Luckily there was a Walmart just down the road from the motel.

Today’s destination was Fabens, Tx, only 25 miles away. Google Maps kept trying to take me on all these winding, backroad ways instead of a straight shot down US 20. Finally, had to shut her off and just ride. It’s not like I could miss it.

High today is supposed to be 94 degrees. It felt like it when I finally pulled into my motel. Weather said it was only 86 at the time. What was it to know, it was riding a bicycle in it.

The ride started out great this morning. Only a gentle headwind and nearly flat ground for miles and miles. Got off about 8:30am. Everything was chuggin’ along fine till about 11:00am. Then the desert heat started climbing, and along with it, the wind. By the time I got into Fabens, it as a 14 mph headwind. Then, it turned out I had to ride another two miles out to Interstate 10, to where the motels were. This was an uphill 2 miles! Not bad like in South Carolina and foothills I encounter there, but taxing enough.

Tomorrow, my destination is Fort Hancock, another 25 mile ride, and my riding partner, Keith Tang, for this part of my journey from El Paso to Del Rio, will hopefully catch up. He’s a day behind me but can ride greater distances. Plus, we will have a 15¬20 mph headwind!

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  1. Sandy

    Yippeeee, it has begun!!! So proud of you my friend!!!!!!

  2. Lani Banner

    So proud of you, my dharma brother! Sending lots of positive energy in your direction!

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