Training Day: 9/14/21

I used my iPhone today to video record bits and pieces of my 12 mi training ride. It actually worked out well and was straightforward to do. Even learned to use my iMovie apt on my laptop and converted it to a “movie.” That’s when the real shock came in: it was nearly 6 MB! I only recorded 39 mins of my 90 min ride. Here’s a little piece of that:

A brief shot from my 12 mi training ride 9//14/21

I had been thinking I could do a video documentary on my bike tour next year and upload them to my blog, etc. I quickly found out that wasn’t going to work. I tried uploading the file to my blog and it was way over limit. No problem, I thought, I’ll just upload it to You Tube. The file was to big even for that–unless I was willing to pay a monthly fee. I still think it might be a great idea, i.e. a video documentary of the tour. I just have to come at it from a different direction: e.g., take the videos of my tour, along with all the images I’ll be photographing on my Nikon D5500. The Nikon takes really great landscape, panoramic, and closeup pictures; far superior to my iPhone. Put all these together, along with narratives, images, and interviews, etc., into a documentary movie. I love watching documentary movies about people who have done adventures like this. Have to do a lot of reading and research on how to do this, which I’ve started.