Was Jesus Trans?

Perhaps with the Easter season upon us, a bit of genetic reflection is in order. No disrespect here, just some basic science and a comment or two.

In mammals, including humans, females have two X chromosomes (XX) and males have one X plus a Y chromosome (XY). In order to be a male, you must have a Y chromosome. While this chromosome has few active or actual genes on it from what we can determine, the critical ones for sex determination is the SRY gene. It is the male-determining gene. It switch the individual developmental pathway from female to male, causing internal and external male genitalia to be developed, including the penis and testicles. No SRY gene or a defected one, then no male, and the embryo will continue to develop into a female. No Y chromosome, no SRY gene.

This has religious implications when it comes to alleged virgin births—and political implications about today’s political fundamentalists’ obsession to deny and discriminate against Transgender individuals. (I could write another post on homosexuality in this regard.)

Also, please note, despite 200+ years of research, both animal husbandry and modern day scientific, no mammal species has seen to be capable or a ‘virgin birth,’ that is to develop directly from unfertilized eggs. Google it and see for yourself. While more primitive vertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds, have been shown to be able to develop from unfertilized eggs.

Given this small bit of information, and for this post on the question of Jesus being Trans, an individual resulting from an alleged “virgin birth” would have to be a female and could not be a male! The only way for this individual to be a male would be to have a male chromosome and a functioning SRY gene. If Jesus was a male, where did his Y chromosome come from? Maybe, since God is his father according to legend, he would have God’s Y chromosome? If so, if we could but find a little of that DNA, we could clone God. But, if we could do that, what would God do? He’d be out of a job.

So, the conclusion is, Jesus was Trans. If so, what are these raving anti-Trans fundamentalist going to do with that? And, let us end by asking, “What would Jesus do?”