Witches’ Brew

Bubble, bubble; toil and trouble…

Bubble, bubble;
Toil and trouble.
Holographic caldron

Shamanic shuffle,
Wiccan winding,
Pagan Proming,
Zen zazening,
Protestants praying,
Physicist puzzling,
Scientist sighing,
Cosmic connecting.

Ground of Being, 
The Tao,
Buddha Mind, 

Thingness, no-thingness.
Energy, Information.
Subatomic waves.
Indivisible oneness.
Circle with center everywhere

Here’s a little ‘explanation’:

First, reading, or re-reading my previous posts on Spirit and The Science, this might make more sense. Thanks,

Shamanic shuffle, Wiccan winding, Pagan prom, Zen zazen, Physicist puzzling, Scientist sighing,  Cosmic Connecting, etc. The universe is a witch’s brew: a holographic caldron with everything on the inside, and its information (ingredients) listed on the outside. Everything on the inside, including ourselves and the rest of nature, is a hologram. This is the metaphorical ‘picture’ quantum physics paints of Reality. Upon this foundation, this ground of being, is our everyday, classical, Newtonian, material reality. At its very basis our everyday reality is the non-material: subatomic waves and vibrating energy strings and information. This is the world seen, apprehended but not understood, by the mystic and the quantum physicists. This is also the Reality Jung describes when he describes his Collective Unconscious; Zen describes about the Void, Emptiness, Buddha-Nature, the Tao; and mystics through the ages. This is the world of deep enlightenment.

The physicist approaches this world with atom colliders, cyclotrons, sophisticated machines and instruments. Zen in deep stages of meditation (samadhi). The Shaman dances into this reality through his/her journey to the spirit world–the quantum world. There he finds answers, attempts to channel or redirect energy for healing, as does the Wiccan ritual.

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  1. Butch Clay

    “A single finger pointing at the moon…”

    Master Dogen

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