by Darrell G Yardley

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 New Age / Spirituality; Science and Religion

The Guru on the Mountain

If you’ve never been on a true Vision Quest—or even if you have—you’ll want to join Darrell Yardley on a spiritual journey in the Chihuahuan Desert in Texas. In this book, he shares his experiences, starting with Native American medicine man Strong Eagle’s sweat lodge and then alone for four days amidst the cactus, encountering crazy itchy chiggers, chatting with his inquisitive visitor “Lajitas Lizard,” and suffering through hours of blasting heat. 

Each day brings Darrell new insights. Guided by the 4-direction medicine wheel, Darrell meets his personal Jungian archetypes: Turquoise Woman, Cougar, Wind Eagle, Bandido, and the dragon Chaos. Each offers a profound message about human consciousness and our existential quest for meaning. 

Be at Darrell’s side as he imagines a guru, by the name of Charles, sitting on his high spiritual mountaintop. The guru sparks us to ask: how can we too arrive at this higher level of spirituality? To this question, Darrell brings his background as an evolutionary biologist and explores the underlying science of the human drive for spirituality and an end to suffering. He poses questions, and draws some provocative conclusions, about what is real and what is not. 

The Guru on the Mountain is a stimulating panorama of science and philosophy, full of wit, pathos, and inspiring visions. Funny and transformative, this is a journey you do not want to miss. 

Darrell Yardley, PhD, LPC, is a long-time seeker of inner peace and spiritual wisdom. Visit him at 

Photo by Noelle Yardley

Darrell G. Yardley