Helping individuals and couples 70s and beyond increase enjoyment of their sex lives

Sex in our 70s and beyond can enrich our lives, sense of wellbeing, and satisfaction. It helps to optimize our mental, emotional, and physical health. Senior sex is good for brain health, helping to offset dementia and cognitive decline. And, in general, can be just plain fun! If you are having problems with your sex life, want to improve it, or just want to have one, contact me. Singles, couples, LGBTQ+–it doesn’t matter. I’m here to help. If you haven’t already, read my blog post on Senior Sex.

I’m not some ‘youngster’ trying to help you what to do. I’m right in there with you. At 75, with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and other age-related limitations, I’ve had to make quite a few adjustments in my sex life. Luckily, I had a very accommodating and understanding partner. I’m in a singles-phase now and deeply miss the intimacy and sexuality of that relationship.

At this age, our sexuality can become so much more meaningful, intimate, and delightfully complex. Sensate approaches involving touching and massage, deep authentic honesty about who we are and what we want, oral sex, sexual adventures and experimentation are all there waiting to be explored.

In our journey together, I will draw from my own personal background in mental health, biology, and personal experiences. In the mental health area, I was a licensed professional counselor for 23 years with specialities in Clinical Sexology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, among others. My background in biology, including human anatomy, physiology, neuro- and psycho-biology, and genetics, gives me a deep understanding of human sexuality. As for life experiences, I have a substantial range here also to draw from.

While our journey together may be therapeutic, we are not doing therapy. We all bring issues that may need to be resolved into relationships. Resolving those is therapy. For therapeutic issues, I will recommend you work with a licensed mental health therapist, as I am retired from that phase of my professional life. Rather, life coaching is about looking to where you want to go and then getting there. Coaching is about finding better ways to live your life and building a happier, healthier life. In coaching, we can acknowledge issues, and find ways to work with or around them.

Most of my coaching services are via phone or Internet (Zoom).

To schedule a free 15-minutes, introductory phone/Zoom interview, text me at (864) 508-0781. Add, ‘Senior Sex’ at the start and be sure to include your name. We will set up a time to get together.

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